About our Company

Le Prêt à l'emploi pour toutes les Diététiques
Boissons et Plats fonctionnels longue conservation

About our Company

Unidiet is the sister company of Materna, the European Babyfood specialist (Baby diet pool).

Applying the same careful approach as for babyfood, Unidiet is the one central development point for all your Adult diet and health products: it draws on the expertise of our 5 production sites for all long-life “Ready-to-Use” health and diet products.

Thanks to “turnkey solutions” for available finished products, we are also at your disposal to adapt or develop “tailor-made” product solutions for you.

To do this, the men and women in our R&D Department use the appropriate means for every development project you may have, based on the following 3 avenues:


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