Drink Know-How

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Drink Know-How

Our know-how revolves around our 3 DRINK sites as follows, for the Ready to Drink solutions:

Unidiet - Ready to Drink


New small Adult DIET bottle factory inaugurated in 2012
- Investment of €25M
- 40 people
- Offers the safety of powder for liquid diet formulae with the convenience of “Ready-to-Drink” UHT bottles


Requirement of pharmaceutical industry applied to liquid formulas

Unidiet - Babydrink


A new aseptic filling site solely dedicated to liquid products with complex nutritional profiles.

A site specifically designed for diet products and small production runs.

Teams able to develop formulations and recipes within a regulatory framework.

A new, 4,300-sq.m. site.

Personnel experienced in regulated “Quality” policies (from the Babyfood sphere).
An integrated pilot workshop dedicated to formulation develops specific recipes at the request of our customers.

An integrated laboratory.

Integrated extrusion and blowing of 6-layer UHT bottles in various PEHD formats.

Aseptic machine and production.