Ready to use

Le Prêt à l'emploi pour toutes les Diététiques
Boissons et Plats fonctionnels longue conservation

Ready to use

The method of consumption best tailored to modern life

New requirements by consumers in many countries and spheres of health and diet products, coupled with technical and quality-driven progress with a number of healthy, natural ingredients, under the control of selected partners, make Unidiet a global player in the development, customisation and supply of “Ready-to-Use” products conditioned in modern, attractive, convenient packaging.

There are many fields of application and Unidiet’s technological and human sphere can help you bring the new forms of consumption required by your customers to your product development projects.

From an R&D and Marketing standpoint, the applications will enable you to achieve the future levers for your company.

Unidiet - Ready to Use