Unidiet Nutrition

Le Prêt à l'emploi pour toutes les Diététiques
Boissons et Plats fonctionnels longue conservation

Unidiet Nutrition

A wide choice of solutions and segments covered by “Ready-to-Use” products for clinical nutrition.

• Nutritional profiles:
The ability to offer you all types of quality nutritional profiles in the context of strict regulation - such as diet products for special medical purposes - always tailored to meet the needs of the elderly as widely as possible.

• Tailored solutions:
The ability to provide the right response to problems of swallowing and chewing in specially adapted packaging and textures.

• Extent of the offering:
A recipe to suit every occasion.

• Ease of use:
Long-life and ready-to-use backed by our experience in cooking and texture for mixed prepared dishes and meals.

• Offering flexibility:
A wide range of aseptic UHT or sterilised conditioning possibilities and combinations (x 2, x 3, x 4, x 6, x 12, x 24) produced in our factories.
Unidiet Nutrition

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