Unidiet Slimming Products

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Unidiet Slimming Products

“Ready-to-Use” diet slimming solutions for demanding consumers to find practical solutions to maintaining or losing weight.

• Nutritional profiles:
We can prepare your nutritional profiles such as: Meal Substitutes, High-Protein or portion-controlled Snacks - always in line with regulations to satisfy the requirements of your consumers wishing to maintain or lose weight as broadly as possible.

• Tailored, innovative solutions:
A wide offering of modern, practical containers corresponding to the consumption habits of your consumers, seeking practicality and ease of use. Up-to-the-minute.

• Quality of recipes:
Gourmet recipes with rigorous selection of raw materials and ingredients.

• Ease of use:
Long-life and ready-to-use, dishes that are practical to eat or drink.

• Offering flexibility:
A wide range of aseptic UHT or sterilised conditioning possibilities and combinations (x 2, x 3, x 4, x 6, x 12, x 24) produced in our factories.
Unidiet Slimming Products


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