Unidiet Sport

Le Prêt à l'emploi pour toutes les Diététiques
Boissons et Plats fonctionnels longue conservation

Unidiet Sport

Practical “Ready-to-Use” solutions, suitable for many of your Sports health product ranges.

Unidiet Sport

• Nutritional profiles:
The ability to offer you nutritional profiles in recipe solutions of the energy supplement, added protein, vitamins or minerals type to meet the needs of your consumers looking to optimise their sport performance as widely and easily as possible.

• Tailored, innovative solutions:
An offering of modern containers, corresponding to your consumers looking for practicality and ease of use both BEFORE, DURING and AFTER effort.

• Recipe quality:
Gourmet recipes with rigorous selection of raw materials and ingredients.

• Ease of use:
Long-life, ready-to-use, tasty recipes that are easy to eat or drink.

• Offering flexibility:
A wide range of aseptic UHT or sterilised conditioning possibilities and combinations (x 2, x 3, x 4, x 6, x 12, x 24) produced in our factories.
Unidiet Sport


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